Synchronised business processes.The process between the customer and Polysys are matched.

The advantages of process-oriented logistic solutions are undisputed. Polysys implements these every day, reliably and in high quality. Every phase, every step, from the determination of the solution to the billing, is an optimum combination of standardised procedural patterns and tailor-made activities in accordance with clearly defined customer requirements.

As early as 1998, Polysys comprehensive re-engineered the organisational structure so that the processes could be allowed to adapt to the organisation and market alignment of the customers of Polysys.

Polysys defines process management as follows:

  • Consistent process thinking with the goal of effective service provision and an optimal customer benefit.
  • Through a holistic way of thinking and work that is qualified down to the last detail, the individual service components fit together in the process to produce a well-balanced solution.
  • The Polysys managers are responsible for the entire process sequence within their area: Order processing, warehouse management, transport, customer support, quality, costs and profit.
  • In the development of logistic concepts for new customers, the processes are clearly defined by working together with the customer.
  • Effective, standardised processes that can be individualised where required.