And High-Tech in the logistics too.

A full service in the sense of a total solution: This includes order processing, warehousing, configurations, pre-installation, delivery and installation, as well as the managed return of the appliances by trained Service staff. Our staff can also competently handle complex transport routes, scheduled deliveries, rollouts under time-pressure and other technical challenges of all kinds.

Polysys is familiar with the world of demanding, sensitive appliances. For example, with copying systems, PCs, servers, printers, control cabinets, automatic ticketing systems, medical equipment, fitness equipment and so on.

Polysys combines logistics and technology into a coherent processes that works to your advantage:

  • Order management
    • Order processing
    • Agreement of deadlines with your customers
    • Optimum co-ordination/disposition: Import – Storage – Technical pre-installations – Customer availability – Delivery
    • Organisation of crane transportation or other special means of transport
    • Export administration
  • Technical services
    • Pre-installation and configuration
    • Swiss finish
    • Fitting of accessories
  • Stores management
    • Goods inward inspection according to customer specifications
    • Direct cross-docking or placing into storage
    • Storage of non-palletised appliances
    • Inventory management
  • Transport management
    • Implementation by trained Service drivers, either alone or as a 2-man crew
    • Clarification of transport routes
    • Specially equipped vehicles and trained drivers
    • Use of different means of transport** Delivery to the point of use
    • Positioning of the appliances and unpacking
    • Installation and green button functional test
    • Brief training courses to end user
    • Return of used appliances and the packaging material
  • Processing of returned products
    • Categorisation of returned appliances and assignment to the correct process for further utilization
    • Ethical disposal or recycling, according to customer specifications
    • Refurbishment in the Polysys Service Centre (general overhauls)
    • Export processing
  • Large contracts/ rollouts
    • Are you bringing a new product onto the market or have you concluded a good transaction with a major customer?
    • Polysys will support you in the planning of the delivery and will take over the complete logistics handling for you.