Your supply chain is of great importance to us. Added value for your packaged goods

Everything in flow: Polysys stores and moves your packaged goods over the complete supply chain, so that you can achieve even more in the market.

Added-value throughout the complete line: Polysys optimises your storage locations and transport paths, groups together individual consignments for customer orders, labels, packages, distributes them, processes returned goods, and much more.

An extract from our comprehensive service portfolio includes…

  • Order management
    • Comprehensive order processing and monitoring
    • Selection of the optimal mode of transport
    • Imports
  • Warehouse management
    • Incoming goods inspection
    • Cross-docking
    • Merge-in-transit
    • Putting into stock
    • Kitting, labelling etc.
    • Removing from stock: Pick & Pack, initiating despatch
    • Processing returned goods
    • Stock management, inventories
  • Transport management
    • Goods distribution, input to the correct transport channel
    • Package service – Normal, Priority, Express
    • General cargo service
    • International deliveries with export administration