High-end services to meet the highest demands

The transport and warehouse logistics requirements encountered in large-scale high-tech projects can make the difference between equipment and installations being a success or a failure. That’s why it’s well worth your while making decisions with the long term in mind – and leaving this part of your value creation to us system professionals.


For most companies, warehouses are tied-up capital. We believe that you should put your capital to work – with our well thought-out warehouse logistics. As a Planzer Group brand, we supply storage space throughout Switzerland. We take care of storing your high-tech goods and also handle upstream and downstream services.

To this end, we conduct a complete incoming inspection and store the goods in a suitable type of warehouse. As soon as we’re notified that your goods are ready for delivery, we carry out the desired value-added services such as picking, set packing, marking and serial number management. And much more besides.

We are your dependable partner for

Warehouse logistics:

  • Classic pick, pack and ship logistics for all types of goods
  • Cross-docking transshipment
  • Merge-in-Transit
  • Various types of warehouses: high-bay warehouses, block warehouses, pallet warehouses, small parts warehouses
  • Picking and labelling
  • Packing and preparation for dispatch
  • Stock management and serial number management
  • Returns handling (RMA)
  • Preparation of export shipments, including customs formalities

Value added services:

  • Demo pool management
  • Probe verification
  • Data deletion
  • Equipment cleaning
  • Refilling of consumables
  • Kit completion

Greater benefits, greater value

  • We respond rapidly to market developments
  • We use our internal resources for the core business
  • We minimise fixed logistics costs
  • We have excellent network density throughout Switzerland
  • We employ qualified system logistics experts and technically experienced personnel
  • We are your one-stop shop for all the warehouse and value-added services you need
  • We use online tools to comprehensively manage and inspect stock levels and processes

Final Mile Delivery

Just like in a marathon, the last few miles are the toughest. Complex transport routes, time-sensitive shipments, projects with tight deadlines and technical hurdles make delivery to the point of use challenging. You can count on us 100% for this.

We offer everything from a single source: from order processing and storage to delivery, installation and return. Our technically trained employees know just how sensitive your high-tech equipment really is – whether it’s medical systems, computers, server installations, visual displays, control cabinets, ticket machines or fitness equipment. We combine our expertise in warehouse logistics and transport with the demands of your technology and processes for your benefit.

We are your dependable partner for

  • Order processing with schedule coordination and transport route clarification with on-site visits
  • Optimum coordination/scheduling: import – warehousing – value-added services – delivery
  • Organisation of crane transports or other special deliveries
  • Trained and educated drivers
  • Specially equipped vehicles
  • Use of various transport resources
  • Careful delivery to the point of use using protective material
  • Positioning and unpacking the equipment
  • Installation and functional testing
  • Brief user training
  • Taking back used equipment and packaging material
  • Tracking and tracing your goods with our customer portal

Greater benefits, greater value

  • We allow you to buy your services from the specialist
  • We offer transparency with regard to distribution costs
  • We employ well-trained drivers and high-end logistics professionals
  • We deliver in all of Switzerland’s language regions
  • We provide individual terms, depending on the service level and service depth
  • We have secured, special vehicles for highly sensitive equipment
  • We have years of experience in the high-end transport business
  • We offer temporary storage at over 35 Planzer sites
  • We process orders electronically thanks to modern IT systems and sophisticated interface programming
  • We enable shipment tracking in real time with our customer portal